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Dominican armed highlights the educational work of the Naval Auxiliary Dominicanos

Increase tourism projects in the country would increase the responsibility of the civilian corps volunteers in rescue efforts, search and rescue

Santo Domingo, 23 from December. - The Dominican Navy emphasized education and awareness work on the importance of the sea to develop the Naval Auxiliary Dominicanos. Vice Admiral of the Dominican Navy, Miguel Peña Acosta explained that the Dominican Naval Auxiliary volunteer civilian body that assists the Navy, It is a branch of the institution.
"My greatest wish is that in the near future in the General Staff of the Auxiliary figure appears in the chart for specific tasks as an appendix to the institution, so that all that enter in the Navy know that the Helpers are dedicated to education about the sea ", Peña Acosta said during his speech at the eighth anniversary of the Naval Auxiliary Dominicanos.
On the other hand, Peña Acosta said that with the arrival of tourists to the country and new projects to be developed in the South, Auxiliary figure will be increasingly important. "With the challenge of 10 million tourists, from six to eight hours at sea in recreational activities at sea, rescue, Search and rescue become essential. Lo mismo que el tráfico recreativo que va a generarse en Corbanitos, en Ocoa, o en Cabo Rojo donde los Auxiliares tendrán más responsabilidad para con nosotros“.
Peña Costa destacó que la frontera marítima dominicana recorre 1.600 kilómetros a lo largo de la costa, y que el territorio marítimo es casi cinco meses que el territorio terrestre. “Los Auxiliares Navales Dominicanos han trabajado fuertemente para concienciar a la nación de que el mar es una realidad para la República Dominicana“.
El Comodoro Armando D’ Alessandro stressed that the work carried out by the Dominican Naval Auxiliary these 8 years lie in improving their support in areas of education, environment and search and rescue. Regarding the evolution of the entity, D’ Alessandro understands that it will continue to deepen the knowledge of its members, as well as collaborating with the Dominican Navy. "We will continue to form us with accurate information, timely and accessible to develop, disseminate and implement any action helps in preventing to natural hazards, to be a source of pride for the Navy ".

Naval Auxiliary on Dominicanos

Naval Auxiliary Dominicanos is a voluntary civilian body that assists the Dominican Navy in their search and rescue work, education, promote maritime safety and environmental protection.


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