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RD gets four gold first day International Rafting Cup

The selected Dominican Republic took the lead on the opening day of the International Rafting Cup “Dr. Jose Joaquin Puello”, Friday started in rowing and canoeing facilities Dam Corner, Sabana del Puerto, Monsignor Nouel.

The national team won four gold medals, una de plata y una de bronce para un total de 6 points, mientras que la representación de Colombia obtuvo tres medallas de plata y 2 bronze 5 points and added Puerto Rico 1 of gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze 4 points.

Dominican Cristian Guerrero took gold in 1,000 k1 meters with time 4 minutes 8 seconds 3 tenths, while Luis García, from Colombia, He came second with 4:13.70 and Puerto Eddy Barranco scored third with 4:16.13 tenths.

Canoe Single 1,000 metros masculino la representación dominicana obtuvo los máximos honores cuando Ariel Jiménez obtuvo la primera posición con 4 minutes 32 seconds 98 tenths; Lonie Acevedo en segundo con 4 minutes 36 seconds 42 décimas y Antonelli Viloria el tercer puesto con 4 minutes 54 seconds.

En k-1 500 metros femenino la puertorriqueña Andrea Curbelo se llevó los máximos honores con 2 minutes, 21 seconds, 93 tenths; the second position was Katerine Moreno de Colombia, with 2 minutes, 30 seconds 15 tenth, y la tercera posición para la tambén colombiana Melania Curbelo con 2 minutes, 31 seconds 73 tenths.

Competition in the men's K-2 1,000 meters Dominican Enrique Felix and Cristian Guerrero obtained the first position 3:57.40; the second place went to Puerto Rico with Irizarry-Barranco 4 minutes 6 seconds 24 Colombia tenths combination with Peña- Torres en la tercera posición con 4 minutes 8 seconds 89 tenths.

In the men's event K4 500 meters representation composed Enriquez Dominican Republic Feliz, Cristian Guerrero, Rafael Plasencia and Alexander Concepcion won first place with a minute, 35 seconds 16 tenths, seguido de de Colombia

Opening ceremony

In the opening ceremony they were given plaques of appreciation to Dr. Jose Joaquin Puello, and the President of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD), Luis Mejia Oviedo, who thanked the gesture of the Dominican Federation of Rowing and Canoeing (Fedoreca), Andrés presiding Tejeda Cess Osiris, who welcomed the guests, athletes, coaching staff and the general public that appointment was in the facility.

Dr. Puello recalled the beginnings of the construction of the rowing and canoeing facilities Dam Corner, raised for the Pan American Games Santo Domingo 2003, coming to meet 15 year celebration.

Source: listindiario.com

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