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Signal flags are used in marine navigation to transmit messages, either between two or more ships, or between a ship and land or port, and racing sails under the Rules of sailing regatta. For this purpose flags are different shapes and colors, each of which represents a letter of the alphabet international, and numbers 1 al 0.

When a ship needs to convey a consistent message in one or more words, the numbers, Iza on the front mast flags representing letters and numbers from the message, aligned from top to bottom. If the message is longer, the operation is repeated with further flags.

flags are also used individually or in combinations of two, in which case they have a particular significance as an internationally valid code.

Since there is radio, the use of signal flags to transmit messages has decreased significantly. Nevertheless, They are still used widely individual flags or in combinations of two, to signal a certain notice.

b1 ALFA I have a diver underwater. Stay away and reduce speed.
b2 BRAVO I'm loading, unloading or transporting dangerous goods.
b3 CHARLIE Affirmative.
b4 DELTA Difficulty maneuvered. Stay away.
b5 ECHO I am turning to starboard.
b6 Foxtrot I fault. Contact me.
b7 GOLF I need a practical.
b8 HOTEL I have a pilot on board.
b9 INDIA I'm veering to port.
b10 JULIET I have a fire and carry dangerous goods. Stay away.
b11 KILO I want to communicate with you.
b12 LIMA Stop your boat immediately.
b13 MIKE My boat is stopped and no starts.
b14 NOVEMBER Negative.
b15 OSCAR Man to water.
b16 PAPA In Port: All men on board. The boat sets sail.
B17 Quebec My boat is “healthy”. Request free navigation.
b18 Romeo Received.
B19 Sierra I'm backtracking.
b20 Tango Fishing boats: I'm fishing the pair trawling. Stay away.
b21 Uniform You are running into danger.
b23 Victor I need help.
b24 Whiskey I need medical care.
b25 Xray Suspend its maneuvers and pay attention to my signals.
b26 Yankee I am maneuvering backwards to set the anchor.
b27 Zulu I need a tugboat.


c10 0 c6 5
c1 1 c7 6
C3 2 c8 7
c4 3 Q9 8
c5 4 C09 9




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