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What it is a Survey and / or inspection of a vessel?

This is a detailed inspection of a vessel that must be performed by a professionally qualified person, in order to determine the current condition and seaworthiness of the vessel.

The Survey determines whether the boat is safe to use and if it meets the conditions for which it was designed, It gives details of its parts maintenance and repairs to be performed in the future.

Most buyers require a serious and independent survey when buying a boat as this guarantees your investment and protects your life.

If you buy a boat for the first time or even if you already have marine experience will benefit greatly from a professional opinion before making your investment.

Personal safety is priceless, the open waters can be a treacherous place and subject to the vagaries of weather ... It's not a place for a poor boat.

By obtaining an inspection when buying your boat or by name in English "Survey" you are buying peace and quiet and give you a better idea of ​​exactly what you are getting for your money.

From the financial point of view a boat is a headache and as the old saying goes dark: "A ship in poor condition is a hole in the water, in which money is poured endless ".

The decision to make a survey guarantees the safety of you and yours and investment security.


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